All states have placed limits on the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system after you have suffered some type of harm. This kind of law is called a statute of limitations, and there are different deadlines depending on what type of case you want to file.The statute of limitations for personal injury cases gives an injured person three years from the date of the injury to go to court and file a lawsuit against those responsible for the injury


In some personal cases, the person or business you are trying to hold liable for your injuries may make the argument that you're actually to blame for the incident that forms the basis of your claim. If you do share some level of liability, it can end up affecting the total amount of compensation you can receive from other at fault parties.

In shared fault injury cases, New York follows a pure comparative negligence rule. To put this rule in the simplest of terms, it means that the amount of compensation you're entitled to receive will be reduced by an amount that is equal to your percentage of fault for the accident.

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