The cars will have to be inspected. The investigator will take photos of the inside and outside. Additionally, certain measurements may have to be taken, such as the amount of crush the vehicle received during the impact. In some cases we will need to obtain the EDR or “black box”. If we believe that liability is going to be an issue or if the damages are severe, we may also hire an accident reconstructed or engineer to review the vehicles, scene and reconstruct the event. Once the car is fixed or totaled, this information is lost forever.


We need to determine if there are any insurance policies available to compensate the client for their injuries. The areas of investigation necessary are about the nature and extent of the client’s injuries. Claiming insurance is necessary in any case, if a personal injury is caused.


We will order an ISO claim search, which is one of the claims searches performed by insurance companies. This will give us an idea if the injured person has any past auto or worker’s compensation claims that have been reported by insurance carriers.


We will obtain all medical documentation related to the accident including EMS reports, hospital records and medical records. We also need to obtain past medical records if there have been prior accidents, injuries or illness to the areas of the body injured in the accident.

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We gather the crash report, and visit the scene in person in order to photograph, inspect, measure skid marks, and look for other factors such as bushes or trees or anything else that could have contributed to the accident. It is important to do this as soon as possible because the height of corn, trees and shrubs change or skid marks could wash way.


If there are witnesses to the accident, we will need to interview them so we can document what they observed at the time of the crash. As time goes on people move and people forget specifics regarding events.


We will gather all medical bills related to the injury. If the client lost time from work or school, we will obtain these records. Your attorney must know the insurance companies that use this software and the specific data points to send the company so the injured person gets a fair shake.


Lay damage witnesses are a very important part of proving a client’s damages. If there are friends or acquaintances with whom the client has contact, and these people are able to describe the changes in the client after the accident, this testimony tends to help juror’s determine proper damage awards.

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