Your attorney will seek compensation for your injuries from the other driver’s insurance company. If the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, your attorney will be able to seek compensation from your insurance company if you purchased uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. The compensation you receive will depend on the facts of the accident, the nature and extent of your injuries, and whether your injuries are permanent. The consultation is aimed at improving the system for dealing with claims for compensation for personal injuries and death.

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A personal injury lawyer is the one who provides legal representation to the people who claim to have injured physically, as the result of negligence or carelessness of another person. Personal injury law is also known as tort law. It is designed to protect if your property is injured or armed by someone else's act or failure to act. The break of duty was a direct cause and the immediate cause of the grievance.

A personal injury case can arise in many ways:

  • Car or truck accident

  • Motorcycle or bicycle accident

  • Boating accident

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The amount of damages is determined by the court. It must determine what is to be just compensated for money loss injuries resulting from the death. It also allows for reasonable expenses for medical care, nursing, and funeral expenses, in addition to every other lawful element. Punitive damages, are also allowed, which are intended to punish the defendant in cases of recklessness or depravity.

New York State courts have expanded the narrow language of the EPTL (The Estate Powers and Trust Law) to also include:

  • Reasonable benefits that they had a right to expect if the decedent had lived, including loss of support, voluntary assistance, and any possible inheritance.

  • Taking into consideration the decedent’s working habits, her job and her income at the time of death, the likelihood of further advancement and increased earnings capacity.

  • Taking into account the age and the life expectancy of the decedent and distributes.Initially we have to determine if the Client actually has a case, and if they have a case, we have to determine if the other party is collectible.

Having a case also means do they have injuries that are considered SERIOUS under the New York State meaning of threshold. In order to receive compensation, the injured person has the burden of proof, in all personal injuries we have to determine whether there is liability or negligence damages.